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Aggressive Alpine Skiing

If only real skiing had space jumps too

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Reviewed by Shawn from

Aggressive Alpine Skiing isnítÖ wellÖ anything like skiing really, but thatís what makes it fun. In fact if most sports games were made to be realistic I donít think many people would be playing them.

AAS has you skiing down the side of a mountain at blazing speeds, as you try to collect extra points and avoid obstacles. Thereís only one level to the game, but itís a hell of a level. Get used to pressing the enter key a lot to restart and try again. Itís mostly a matter of memorizing the level but the split second timing on the jumps is still going to throw you off. On your way down the mountain youíll be jumping over shacks and avoiding snipers in gondolas. Weíre not really sure why people are trying to snipe you on your leisurely ski trip, but hey. Iím not sure why thereís a boob-shaped air balloon floating in the background either.

The visuals are colorful and varied, and are nicely matched by the gameís custom techo-like theme. For one half of the level youíve got techno, the other half youíve got a song about beer. Charlotte the announcer can get annoying sometimes but I think itís part of the style. The randomness of the game is what adds some fun to it, as you donít know exactly whatís coming up next. One moment youíre avoiding regular obstacles, the next youíre flying past satellites in outer-space. At first you collect stars for points, then you collect beer bottles. Why? It doesnít matter.

The only real downside here is that once you finally finish the level (believe me, youíll be retrying a lot) then all you have left to do is compete for high scores. Luckily the game is built for high score replay too, since getting a perfect score would involve collecting all stars, all letters, and getting perfect(?) random bonuses. I was satisfied enough to just get down the mountain though, so thatís up to you.

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Nice review, I totally love wesi, he is just the best of all time.

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